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Despite global restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic, travel is still an important need for many people. Before the crisis it was perhaps trips to distant, exotic places — now in many places people are traveling and discovering their own countries.

If you recorded your trip on video — before or during the crisis — please send it to us. What did you see, what did you experience? Show us your perspective on the travel destination that impressed you the most.

Win an Apple iPad with your travel video

Our jury will select the best film from all the videos that you send us by March 1, 2021. The prize is an Apple 10.2″  iPad. Good luck!

Your vacation film on the TV travel mag “Check-in”

Check-ins Nicole Frölich in Mittenwald, Bavaria

Check-in host Nicole Frölich in Mittenwald, Bavaria

In addition, all videos have the chance to be shown on our TV travel magazine “Check-in”. Perhaps our moderators will soon present your travel impressions as the viewer’s video of the week! If we select your video for the broadcast, we’ll let you know before the show airs.


Video details

You must have shot your video clip (up to 180MB) yourself using your smartphone or camera. It should be at least one minute long. Please do not use any text overlays in the video. If you use music, please provide us with the title and composer. And briefly write about which holiday destination you recorded in the video and why it is worth a trip.

Since there are occasional glitches with uploading via mobile devices, the safest way to send us your videos is via the desktop version of this page.

iPad silver

You may win an iPad for best travel video

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