Vlogging in the NBA’s Orlando bubble is a thing now and we all love it

Now that the Orlando Restart is well underway, we’ve been getting a fantastic inside look from some of the NBA’s best personalities.

If you’ve been up in the loop and with all the cool kids in the NBA, you’d more than likely be familiar with the term ‘Vlogging’. If you’re a youngun like me, vlogging would be heavily familiar with your dose of entertainment. But if you’ve been out of the loop, we’ll explain it to you, just so we can be on the same ground here.

A ‘vlog’ is basically a video blog. ‘Vlogging’ involves a person filming their day using a camera that is attached to a microphone. The person would give viewers a dose of how they live while documenting everything they say and do (unless it’s edited out). Several content creators on YouTube have made big bucks while vlogging. Some notable examples include Casey Neistat, David Dobrik and Roman Atwood, content creators who have garnered millions of subscribers and views while vlogging. It makes for good content depending on how your taste is, obviously it’s relevant enough in this day and age. Though, you wouldn’t be forgiven for not enjoying them.

Vlogging is a growing form of entertainment that has swept the internet, and it has quickly taken ahold of the NBA’s Orlando bubble.

Matisse Thybulle, one of the best young defenders in the NBA, and a key role for the Philadelphia 76ers has quickly become one of the most beloved personalities in the league throughout the last few months. While he was already known for screwing up his Popeye runs apart of his rookie duties, and of course, his work on the court itself, Thybulle has taken advantage of the Vlogging trend.

Thybulle has documented his Orlando restart trip so far, showing viewers where the players have been living, their meals, and activities while conversing with other players and the viewer itself. Combined with great editing and music, Thybulle’s Vlog series has quickly taken fans by storm. Within the last 30 days, Thybulle has gained 353,000 subscribers, along with six million views across all of his videos.

Over his series of Vlogs, viewers have become fans of some Thybulle’s teammates, due to their hilarious and down-to-earth personalities. Kyle O’Quinn and Tobias Harris are two examples, who have been comedy gold throughout the series, bantering and sharing jokes with each other. Matisse himself has been great to watch, having tons of fun while filming his journey. It’s a fantastic look into how these NBA players get along and how they’ve been coping in the Orlando bubble.

But it hasn’t just been Thybulle who’s been entertaining audiences with his impressive YouTube series, in fact, there are a bunch more.

JaVale McGee is another player who has Vlogged his Orlando journey so far as well. Giving a similar style of videos to Thybulle, but with different personalities, and different editing. McGee’s series has been just as great in terms of vlogging, but comparing the two is like comparing GOATs.

Another player is Washington Wizards’ sophomore Troy Brown Jr., who has been a very underrated vlog producer, not garnering as much attention, but still producing just as entertaining content. Even then, fans have grown attached to players who typically aren’t as popular, such as Isaac Bonga and Admiral Schofield, with their hilarious connection.

These are players who aren’t talked about often, some aren’t talked about at all, yet they’ve risen in terms of popularity by filming and vlogging their Orlando Restart journey. For fans, it’s been an absolute treat to watch these Vlog series since we get a perfect behind the scenes look at how the Restart has been operating, from the perspective of the players themselves. Fans get to see how teams are tackling issues that come with working into a restricted environment, such as using some of the hotel rooms for physicals.

Fans also get to see how players connect off the court, with opposing players catching up with each other on the grounds for some Corn Hole. It goes to show that the intensity and attitudes on the court don’t always translate to how these players truly are. We are being encapsulated in some of the finest forms of NBA entertainment possible, and fans are truly thriving in it.

These vlogs have been the perfect form of entertainment for all NBA fans, regardless of your team. Not only do we get to have an in-depth look at the bubble, but viewers find themselves attached to the players’ personalities. Fans are beginning to understand that these players are just human as we are, and still enjoy the same stuff that we do. Personalities that aren’t mentioned on broadcasts, or on the stat sheet, but rather in these vlogs. These vlogs make us feel like we’re at the bubble, and it gives us a weird happy feeling inside.

If you haven’t been able to watch these vlogs, you’re missing out. It is the ultimate gift to NBA fans, who get find out and understand players as people. Hopefully more and more NBA players begin to document their journeys throughout the Orlando Restart.

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