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The coronavirus pandemic has affected just about every aspect of life, including travel.

If you’re planning a trip — for business or pleasure — it can be difficult to navigate a world in which the rules are in flux and the situation varies depending on where you’re going.

This is a time when the advice and support of a travel adviser is crucial. Travel Leaders travel advisers are trained professionals with years of experience. Their resourcefulness, flexibility and expertise make them uniquely qualified to deal with rapidly changing circumstances.

From the start of the pandemic, travel advisers have demonstrated their value, assisting clients with cancellations, rescheduling and refunds. Now, as borders are starting to reopen, they’re continuing to get answers for clients and help them make travel arrangements.

The rules are complicated, and they can change at a moment’s notice. Restrictions involved with travel to one destination may be different from another, such as whether travelers need to show proof of a negative COVID-19 test, or whether they’re allowed to venture only to certain areas within their destination.

For example, in the Caribbean, the islands of Antigua and Barbados require a negative COVID-19 result from a test taken within seven days prior to arrival, while Aruba requires the test from 12 to 72 hours before a flight. Belize, located on the eastern coast of Central America, was scheduled to reopen to visitors in August and requires that masks be work in all public places. The European nation of Croatia recommends them, but doesn’t require face coverings.

In the Maldives, an island chain in South Asia, local health officials may conduct random testing at no cost to the visitor, while Bermuda will bill travelers $75 if officials administer the test.

The United Arab Emirates will penalize visitors in excess of $27,000 if they violate quarantine rules, and the United Kingdom will fine travelers up to $1,250.

In the United States, there’s a patchwork of regulations across the country. Some states require visitors to self-quarantine, while others have no statewide restrictions. Municipalities or counties in some states may have more stringent regulations.

As a traveler, you need to know what to expect when you reach your destination. You may have to get your temperature taken at the airport and be asked health questions relating to the virus. You may find that indoor restaurants are closed, and a curfew has been imposed to help prevent the spread of the virus.

Your travel adviser will have the most up-to-date information.

If you haven’t used a travel adviser in the past, consider their services as you explore where you want to take your next vacation or business trip. A travel adviser provides peace of mind, no matter where you are across the country or around the world.

If a problem occurs during your trip, there is always someone to call for assistance.

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