Vacation Rental Owners Eye Rebound With Phase 3

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. — This is the first weekend Florida is in its Phase 3 and one of the industries impacted by the announcement is vacation rentals.

Short term rentals in Brevard County took a huge hit back in the Spring, because only hotels were allowed to operate during the pandemic but vacation rentals like Airbnb weren’t.

Then Phase 2 cam and there were restrictions like International guests or those traveling from hot spots had to book a two day stay and allowing 72 hours between guests checking in to allow proper cleaning. 

StarFish Realtor Lauren Barley said it’s been a tough year because their peak season was shutdown because of the pandemic.

But now, Phase 3 allows short-term rentals to operate without restrictions and it could help these places get back on track. 

“I rented out almost every one of my properties because people are afraid to travel,” Barley said. “Properties that are like $800 a night for like 3 days, people from LA and flying in….

“They want to enjoy a vacation because now they know everything will be open, all the restaurants, stores, people can go shopping…its huge.”

The addition of hotels in the area are also having an impact on the Space Coast.

By the end of this year, nine new hotels will be completed offering more than 1,000 new hotel rooms.

Barley he’s not worried the new development will affect her Airbnb rentals because with 72 miles of coastline, there’s enough business to go around.

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