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(CBS4) – The travel industry is one of the many that has been just devastated by coronavirus. While we’ve noticed airlines are starting to bring back more flights, many people still aren’t sure if they even want to travel.

Amy Quinn is a travel consultant and founder of “Spirit Road Travel”. She says the question of whether to travel right now is a big one for many people.

“I think the first place to start is to consider what is your own risk tolerance,” Quinn said in an interview on CBSN Denver. “When you know what you need to feel safe, go from there.”

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Quinn says you don’t have to go far to go on a vacation. Travel could be as simple as checking out a new restaurant in town, visiting a local park, or even going on an easy day trip. Driving is a great way to control your environment and reduce any possible risk of exposure.

“We live as travelers every day. Stay local, look around right where you are.”

If you’re still on the fence about traveling, Quinn suggests even just dreaming about your next vacation can make a big difference.

“There was a study out recently about how important it is for us to have travel plans, and when we do, it lifts our spirits so we become happier.”

She suggests downloading an app like Wanderlist, which allows you to plan a dream vacation and share it with friends and family.

“Dream! It’s never too early to bring some intention into where you want to travel next.”

For people dreaming of getting out of town, companies are going to great lengths to make sure you can travel safely. Denver International Airport recently launched Verifly. It’s a free program that allows passengers to make reservations at a dedicated TSA line, and gives them a dedicated train car to their terminal. DIA is the first airport in the U.S. to offer the program, and Quinn used it on a recent trip herself.

“Verifly was amazing,” says Quinn. “It created an additional layer of ease and a feeling of safety.”

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Meanwhile airlines, rental car facilities, and hotels are also taking important measures to promote customer safety.

“There’s never been a time that’s been cleaner and safer. Hotels, airlines, tour operators and car rental companies all want their guests to feel safe and they have taken extreme measures to make sure the environment is clean and healthy.”

For more tips on traveling safely, check out Amy’s blog:

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