Travelers face constant changes, restrictions for summer travel

Travelers face constant changes, restrictions for summer travel

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Summer is usually a season full of travel for many families, but this year those vacations may look very different. 

“Back in March if someone would have told me I’d be dealing with this the middle of June, I would have told them they were crazy, but it’s reality,” Lorie Buus with All About Travel said.

For months Buus with all about travel has dealt with constant cancellations and delayed refunds for travelers.

“It was 90 days, a minimum of 90 days, one of the companies that was at 90 days recently said they’re down to three weeks, so it’s getting better,” Buus said.

While the cancellations are still happening, Buus says more people are calling in to book new travel.

“People are ready to travel, they’re interested in travel, they want to travel they want to get out they want to get back to their norm, but they don’t know how,” Buus said.

The pandemic has many more people reaching out to travel agencies to help navigate the constant changes. 

“There’s a lot of changes that are happening every day and I don’t know how somebody is going to figure that out on their own, even the requirements to flying,” Buus said.

Where you are able to travel is also constantly changing; right now Americans can travel around the U.S., but Europe, Asia, and even Canada are still not opening their borders to American tourists. Those countries that are starting to open are doing so on a limited basis. 

“Mexico opened up this week, the Caribbean is going to open up the first part of July, the Bahamas is going to open up, but these are what I call soft openings, it’s not going to be anything near what you think or were accustomed to,” Buus said.

Buus says the pandemic is creating some big changes to all aspects of travel, so while you may soon be able to get around, the process will be different than what you’re used to. 

“No question at all if travel is going to come back, no question at all. It’s just going to have a different norm, just like 9/11 it had a different norm, but we adjusted, I don’t even think most of us remember what travel was like pre 9/11,” Buus said.

Many airlines are requiring passengers to wear a mask throughout the entire flight, some are no longer offering drinks or food during flights in an effort to prevent the spread of the virus.

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