Travel At MIA Slows Down To A Trickle, ‘It’s A Bit Of A Ghost Town’ – CBS Miami

Travel At MIA Slows Down To A Trickle, ‘It’s A Bit Of A Ghost Town’ – CBS Miami

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – For an airport that usually sees upwards of 122,000 passengers a day, travel at Miami International Airport has slowed down to a trickle.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused the airport to slow down dramatically over the last month or so.

A number of airlines have suspended operations, including most foreign carriers.

There are a few lines and no issues getting through security.

The only airlines which have been busy are the cargo carriers.

Greg Chin, Communications and Digital Marketing Division Director for the Miami-Dade Aviation Department says, “Passenger flow is way down. We are only seeing 10 percent of passengers. A drastic reduction there.”

“We do have a daily flight that comes in from London and it is screened. Screened by Customs and Border Protection and CDC. Also, flights from New York are being screened by the State of Florida Health Department and the National Guard,” Chin said.

MIA is a cargo hub for South America, the Caribbean and cargo flights remain steady as there is a sharp increase in online commerce. People buying online that necessitates air delivery. DHL, FED Ex, UPS, and Amazon Prime Air.

“Cargo flights remain the same only a slight drop off and that is important. There is transportation in and out of medical supplies, especially coming into the country, especially medical supplies, medical equipment. Very important right now for what we need for our first responders, hospitals, and those in need,” adds Chin.

The skycaps are still ready to get you on a flight but are not busy at all.

“It will be very quiet. You will not see a lot of activity. It is a bit of a ghost town at times,” says Chin.

They are practicing social distancing at the airport as best they can. So, if you are heading to MIA, keep that in mind.

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