Sunport, airlines respond to coronavirus concerns

Sunport, airlines respond to coronavirus concerns

“We are also obviously looking at all the federal regulations that will be coming in as it relates to the Sunport simply because it is the touchpoint for all of our travel throughout the country and for this area,” said Albuquerque Chief Operating Officer Lawrence Rael. “We know at some point additional testing may be required.”

Three New Mexicans who tested positive for coronavirus recently traveled out of the state. 

The New Mexico Department of Health is investigating a possible travel link for a fourth coronavirus case.

The Sunport is asking community members to take an extra step if they have to visit the airport.

Instead of going inside to pick up a relative or guest, officials want them to use the pick-up lane right outside the airport.

Several airlines released details about what they are doing to ensure the cabins are clean and safe. 

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