State Department warns against cruise ship travel

State Department warns against cruise ship travel

The U.S. Department of State on Sunday advised U.S. citizens against traveling by cruise ship as cases of the novel coronavirus continue to spread across the world.

“U.S. citizens, particularly travelers with underlying health conditions, should not travel by cruise ship,” the State Department wrote in its warning.

The warning comes with new guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that includes tips for people who do choose to travel by cruise ship. The U.S. has 554 confirmed cases of the coronavirus with 21 deaths as early Monday.

“Like many other viruses, COVID-19 appears to spread more easily between people in close quarters aboard ships,” the CDC wrote. 

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The CDC reports those with underlying health issues and older travel should avoid cruise ships altogether, along with long airplane trips and crowded places. Tips from the CDC while aboard a cruise ship, which the government entity said should be “especially” avoided, include: 

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