Serenity Time, a “True Wholesale” travel company sees unprecedented travel opportunities coming

Serenity Time, a “True Wholesale” travel company sees unprecedented travel opportunities coming

“What we are seeing now is unprecedented in the travel and tourism industry,” says Derek Gough, President. Although travel has all but grounded to a halt in 2020 Gough says when people do begin to travel the experiences available over the next 12-18 months may never be duplicated.   Undoubtedly there will be discounts and popular tourist areas competing for vacationers, but Gough says what many don’t realize yet is the benefits of hotels and resorts operating below capacity. “The opportunity to travel in prime season for deep discounts with the benefit of reduced occupancy rates, heightened levels of customer service, immaculate grounds, and an increased attention to detail provided by eager resort staffs means the travel possibilities over the coming year may never be duplicated in our lifetimes.”

If you’ve ever worried about not getting a pool chair you may understand his message. Hotels and resorts operating at limited capacity means there should be more privacy for travelers, less crowds, shorter waits for top activities, lower priced excursions, and better customer service awaiting travelers. 

A relaxing vacation is just what many of us need right now. Whatever destination you have in mind Serenity Time claims to guarantee lower pricing than any of the public travel sites people have been conditioned to use. “People will always have a passion to explore and experience new things with loved ones,” Gough says. “Travel expands the mind, breaks down borders, humanizes cultures and celebrates differences. It brings people together and helps us to better understand how connected we are to our world.”   

Serenity Time’s business model is focused on providing unmatched consumer value and constantly listening to customer feedback. Based on their recent success it appears the approach and positive perspective is resonating with the world’s travel consumers.

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