Sea Turtle Nesting Season Nears End With Productive Results

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. – Sea turtle nesting season ends October 31, and Volusia County officials are reporting it’s been a very productive one.

“We have had our third highest nesting season since 1988,” said Volusia County Sea Turtle Habitat Conservation Program Manager Ryan Chabot.

He said they had 902 nests this season.

“Considering our average is 500-600, it’s definitely well above the normal,” he said.

Chabot said clearly having markings where the nests are on the beach, conservation, and educating the public all play a key role in the success of protecting the turtles.

“Beach safety, our coastal division, as well as our department talking about ways they safely use the beach without harming wildlife,” he said. “We also reached out to guests at hotels and motels.”

Volusia County resident Bob Creedon lives near New Srnyrna Beach, and has seen a couple of the turtle hatchings this year. He’s so excited to hear about the successful year.

“It’s like a goose bump moment the first time you see it, it’s really cool. It’s like all the turtles boiling up from the sand and rush into the sea at one time,” said Creedon.

Creedon said his neighbors are doing their part protecting the turtles while on the beach, and at home at night.

“We have a ton of nests because of that. Everyone here is turning their lights out, and keeping away from the nests. I think it makes a big difference,” said Creedon.

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