Oakland International Airport Seeks to Reinvigorate Travel | KCBS 740AM

Oakland International Airport Seeks to Reinvigorate Travel | KCBS 740AM

The Port of Oakland, which owns and operates Oakland International Airport, is now encouraging people who live and work in the Bay Area to choose to fly OAK.  

“Approximately 8 million residents in the Bay Area,” Director of Aviation Bryant Francis said. “Over half of them live closer to OAK than to any of the other Bay Area airports. So when those travel plans are being made, we just want the thought process to include OAK first.”

The campaign includes presentations to business audiences throughout the East Bay, as well as a month-long multimedia campaign, which features digital and broadcast advertisements. 

This coincides with the announcement that numerous airlines are increasing service at the airport this month, prompting OAK to fully reopen Terminal 2. 

This month, officials said they expect to see 20% of the activity they saw last year, as people choose to drive instead of fly because of COVID-19 concerns. That’s an increase from the 11% they saw in May, according to OAK officials.

Francis told KCBS Radio that while he thinks it will be a while before the industry makes a full comback, he is seeing signs of recovery inside the airport. 

“We have more retail and dining locations that are opening up to serve that growing number of customers who are traveling again, and we just want to maintain that positive momentum,” said Francis. 

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