Navajo Nation gaming casino locations host census enrollment events

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (KVOA) – In an effort to increase enrollment and funding, the Navajo Nation announced it will host community events to enroll in the 2020 Census.

On Friday, the Navajo Nation’s 2020 Census Office, in partnership with the Navajo Nation Gaming Enterprise said several Community Enrollment Events will be held at Navajo Gaming casino locations in order to boost Census participation.

The amount of federal funding and Congressional representation Arizona receives is tied to the number of people who participate in the census.

In 2016, Arizona received more than $20.5 billion in federal funding based on numbers from the 2010 Census.

University of Arizona Associate Professor Jason said Native Americans have been historically undercounted in the Census, with an estimated 30,000 American Indian and Alaska Natives excluded in the 2010 count.

“Native Americans, as of 2010, those living on reservations have the highest undercount percentage,” Jurjevich said in a Navajo Nation news release.

All events provide the option to either drive through and or sit with a representative to complete the census questionnaire.

Navajo Nation Gaming said it will be adhering to Navajo Nation Health guidelines and also using all CDC guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19 at each event.

Attendees should bring the Census packet which was either mailed to them and/or left at their home during the month of June. The packet contains a Household Census Number, not be confused with a Tribal Census number.

Upcoming Census community events can be found here.

Additional information on the 2020 Census can be found here.

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