More Americans Are Likely to Travel in the Next Six Months

MMGY Travel Intelligence has released the latest in its series of travel surveys focused on traveler sentiment during the coronavirus pandemic.

The survey found that travelers are becoming more likely to be interested in travel. Forty-two percent said that they are at least somewhat likely to travel. This sentiment is up from 38 percent in the previous survey wave.

There was also an uptick in interest in business travel. The previous survey showed 31 percent of travelers likely to take a business trip. Now, that has reached 35 percent. In addition, business travelers who said they were not at all likely to take a business trip during the next six months declined significantly from 35 percent to just 25 percent.

After trending downward for two months, even the likelihood to take an international business trip during the next six months increased.

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Most travelers are interested in traveling by car within the next six months. Seventy-five percent said that they plan to take a road trip. Almost two in five respondents (39 percent) said that they are willing to drive 300 miles or more (each way) for a vacation.

Travelers are starting to adapt to a new normal. Interest in engaging in vacation activities is flat or just slightly increasing.

Covid-19 remains one of the greatest considerations for travelers making the decision to take a vacation, but it is on the decline. In the last survey, 58 percent indicated that Covid-19 was at least somewhat impactful on their decision. Now, 51 percent say that it is at least somewhat impactful.

These numbers paint a more positive picture for travel advisors looking for the right time to reach out to clients. At this time, travelers may be more receptive to vacation-related deals over the next few months. The influence of great travel deals has increased from 30 percent last month to 33 percent in this most recent survey wave.

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