Middleton native recounts experience during Nashville tornado

Middleton native recounts experience during Nashville tornado

NASHVILLE (WKOW) — A Middleton native was among those walking through the rubble Tuesday morning after a deadly tornado outbreak ripped through the Nashville area.

Nick Luebke moved to Nashville five years ago to take a chance on his music career and ever since he’s called it home.

That’s why he said seeing the ruins Tuesday morning was so difficult.

“Something like this really puts things into perspective,” he said. “Roofs were ripped off of so many restaurants and especially east Nashville it was just torn up.”

Luebke said the calm conditions he saw before he went to bed made the damage even more unbelievable.

“We were only aware of [tornadoes] in Kansas when I went to bed, and I think it was around midnight they realized it was coming towards Nashville,” he said.

Luebke said he had no idea what hit until after he woke up to frantic messages from friends and family. Though he said from where we was standing, everything looked fine.

“It was kind of eerie how beautiful it was this morning knowing the destruction that happened like five hours prior,” he said.

Luebke’s apartment was untouched, though he said destruction was just a mile to the east.

“Right when I woke up I went with my girlfriend and we just walked around the wreckage and it was insane,” he said. “My favorite restaurant Burger Up is just ripped up.”

Just a half mile from downtown, Luebke said seeing East Nashville in ruins was difficult, though he believes it could have been far worse.

“Since it was in like one in the morning, I think we got lucky with that because there was no one at these businesses or restaurants,” he said.

Unfortunately for those living in the suburbs, timing led to a deadlier outcome.

“That’s where the majority of the deaths actually happened that I heard of,” he said. “That’s where it hit residential areas.”

The tornado ripped through neighborhoods while thousands were sleeping. Many had little warning.

In the aftermath though, Luebke said there’s a showing of support in the Nashville community.

“When things like this happen it seems like everyone just kind of rallies around each other,” he said. “It seems like everyone I know is just dropping everything and rallying around it.”

Luebke said that’s how he plans to spend the next week, volunteering at cleanup events throughout the city and looking for ways he can give back.

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