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COURT HOUSE – At the Middle Township Committee meeting June 15, Middle Township Engineer Vincent Orlando responded to a question from Stanley Doniger, of Rio Grande, by providing a brief status of ongoing and potential development projects.

Orlando said construction resumed at Rio Grande Park, but the municipality does not have a schedule from the contractor. He expected they would have one soon.

Addressing the Hilton Hotel proposed for the site which previously hosted Design Collaborative, Orlando said the required zoning change is waiting for final Planning Board action on the master plan. “I think that will happen at the July meeting,” Orlando said.

Once the zoning changes associated with the master plan approval are complete and authorized by the committee, the future of the hotel project should be clear.

The desired collaboration between the municipality and the county on a mini-park at the southwest side junction of Routes 9 and 47 is “frozen,” Orlando said. Discussions with the county about a potential joint effort on such a park did not materialize before everything was consumed by the health crisis.

Orlando said construction permits were issued for the entertainment complex that will be part of the remade plaza that once was home to the Kmart. Tractor Supply is open, Orlando said. He indicated that the renovated movie theater is expected to be complete by fall, followed by the construction of a restaurant and bowling alley.

The last part of Doniger’s question dealt with the proposed marijuana dispensary on Indian Trail Road. Donohue said litigation stalled the issuance of state licenses, putting off final decisions on which company submissions would be approved. The mayor said the marijuana legalization ballot initiative, in November, will probably raise the level of public discussion on the issue. It may help break the logjam on licenses.

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