Local woman remembers cousin who lost her life to the Nashville tornadoes

MARKLE, Ind. (WPTA21)- One woman says she was shocked when she heard her cousin was killed during the storm that hit Nashville.

“Everybody loved her, she would do anything for you,” Rhonda Brewer said.

Brewer said her cousin, Jessica Clark was a key member in her community of Cookeville, Tennessee about an hour and a half drive from Nashville.

“She’s a fun girl, she was very big in the community, she was like the main leader of the fair there in Putnam County. She worked for the County, she sold Mary Kay she was just a people person,” Brewer said.

So when Brewer heard the news about what happened to her cousin she was shocked.

“It’s sad, it’s shocking and you know my family wasn’t the only affected I mean it’s complete devastation there,” Brewer said.

That deadly tornado hit Nashville and the surrounding areas in the early hours, Tuesday morning.

It claimed at least 25 people across four counties in the state. 18 of those deaths were in Putnam County where Jessica Clark lived.

“Jessica and Mike’s house was completely flattened. It took them 7 hours to dig her out, her husband was able to dig himself out…it’s just a mess over there,” Brewer said.

She says she feels for her aunt and uncle who now have to bury their child.

“Of course for my aunt it was the worst day her of her life. She lost her daughter. And for my uncle, he was there to dig her out so I can’t even imagine what he’s feeling,” Brewer said.

But Brewer says even though she and her family are hurting, they’re not the only ones.

“There are people that were killed other than Jessica, there was a whole family, there was young children. I mean there’s a bunch of people that have to start over. I mean their houses are completely flattened..so all you can do is pray,” Brewer said.

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