Local Red Cross chapter helping Nashville tornado recovery efforts

Local Red Cross chapter helping Nashville tornado recovery efforts

SWANTON, Ohio (WTVG) – Nashville was rocked early Tuesday morning by the deadliest tornado in the United States since the Moore, OK event of 2013. With widespread damage and dozens of people still unaccounted for, the relief effort will need to be extensive… and that’s where members of our local American Red Cross chapter are stepping up.

Todd James, executive director of the North Central Ohio chapter, got the call to action at 5 o’clock this morning. He immediately caught a plane from the Glass City to the Music City, where he’ll be tasked with a very important role in the immediate wake of any crisis.

“I’ll be serving as part of our public affairs team,” explains James, “so I’ll be working with media and local partners to get the information out to everybody who needs it — what’s going on, what help is available, what services are being provided — to let folks know who are supporting us, what we’re doing and how they can help.”

The ground response is already out in full force to get Nashville residents back on their feet.

“Right now, we’re focusing on providing food and shelter for everybody. We’ll be going out in the neighborhoods soon, getting some of the cleanup supplies and distributing meals.”

For more info on how to help recovery efforts in Tennessee, visit RedCross.org or call 1-800-RED-CROSS.

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