Life after lockdown: How China went back to work

Life after lockdown: How China went back to work

The presence of Covid-19 is still very much in the back of everyone’s minds as health officials worry about a potential second wave of infections. Many office buildings and apartments have security personnel to administer temperature checks for people wanting to enter.

Amal Liu, 26, works for a major Chinese state-owned insurance company in southern Shenzhen. At her office, and in many others, everyone must wear masks and practise social distancing. “In the canteen, we must sit away from each other,” she says. Liu mentions that some overseas brokers, who she communicates with for work, are now feeling the effects of their own extended lockdowns.

“I didn’t enjoy working from home, I wasn’t as efficient as I was in the office,” says Liu, who prefers the regularity of the office schedule.
For others, relationships with international clients have also been curtailed. Ariel Zhong, 25, works for a leading Chinese video game live-streaming platform, Hu Ya, in Guangzhou and is responsible for developing emerging markets.

Zhong had been based in Mexico, with regular travel between Asia and Latin America, but had travelled back home to China in late March. On her return she was first placed in quarantine in a hotel and then worked from home for a week. Since 15 April, she has returned to the office, with some noticeable changes.

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