LG CX (OLED65CX6) review: the best OLED TV for most people

LG CX (OLED65CX6) review: the best OLED TV for most people

Welcome to our LG CX review – this is one of the most-anticipated TVs of 2020, and for damn good reason. The LG C-series (such as last year’s LG C9) matches the highest-end OLED image quality the company offers, but without a premium price. All OLED TVs are in the ‘not-cheap’ end of the TV spectrum, but LG’s trick has been to offer every ounce of picture perfection that it can for a truly reasonable price overall.

And that goes double for this year’s LG CX range, because LG has actually lowered their starting price compared to previous models, while still refining and improving the images. The C models were already renowned for offering the best combination of picture, design and value, and the value side just took a big step forward.

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