I was so bored in self-isolation I built a mini PC I don’t need

I was so bored in self-isolation I built a mini PC I don’t need

I have too many computers in my house. In my room I have a desk for my gaming PC, which I boot up a few nights a week after work hours to play games with friends. I started working from home long before the pandemic made us all shut-ins, so I have another PC set up as my dining room table “office.” There’s a home server in my garage, a Hackintosh in storage that I salvaged from the old PC Gamer office, and my laptop that lets me work or kill time on the couch. That’s five before we count game consoles and Kindles and smartphones and plenty of other things that are basically computers. This is all to say that I have no need for another computer, but it turns out that if I can’t go outside, I start dreaming about PC builds. I can’t help it.

As justification, I decided to rope in my partner, who’s never built a PC before. Because I took home a lot of spare parts from PC Gamer’s old office, I had almost everything I needed to cobble together a PC. It’s definitely not top-of-the-line, but it’ll handle everyday work hunky dory.

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