Homeowner’s Headquarters: A Discussion on Kitchen Remodeling with Barnes Custom Builders

Homeowner’s Headquarters: A Discussion on Kitchen Remodeling with Barnes Custom Builders

Barnes Custom Builders has been a leading organization on Cape Cod in all areas of design, construction, remodeling and renovation. Their design/build process brings a unique level of collaboration and communication to every project.

Whether you’re building from the ground up or remodeling an existing home, Barnes’ proven approach delivers exceptional results without the headaches and heartaches often associated with renovating.

In addition to all of that, the team at Barnes also strives to educate clients, as well as potential clients, on specific areas of home remodeling with a series of upcoming seminars they’ll soon be offering.

They’ll cover topics they feel are important on which to educate homeowners, owner/partner Dave Medeiros said. “A lot of houses here on the Cape have been in families for a long time, as secondary homes, and haven’t always been maintained as they should be. Sometimes homes change hands and work has to happen.”

The first seminar was a homeowner favorite – kitchen remodeling.

“The kitchen is the lifeblood of a home, and it’s the space that people mostly want to remodel,” said Medeiros. “The process, pricing, the different options out there regarding building permits, pros and cons, etc. were talked about in the seminar. It’s also an opportunity to get know us and learn a little bit more about the industry.”

Kitchen remodeling, Medeiros said, is broken down into three categories. The first is ‘Cosmetic.’ “With Cosmetic, that’s not changing cabinetry, typically not changing the sink. It usually involves putting in a new backsplash, put new paint on the walls, paint the cabinets, change the hardware, and really spruce it up, while leaving everything in place.”

The second category is ‘Pull and Replace.’ This typically involves pulling out all of the existing cabinets and replacing them, but not changing their locations. “One of the things that really add to the cost of a project quite a bit is moving the location of the plumbing and the electrical. In this type of project, we try to keep everything located where it already is.”

Finally, the third category is ‘Whole Custom.’ “Here, we typically take out floors, remove drywall, remove the ceiling and really gut the space and start new. We move the cabinets and island, change the lighting plan – it’s a full complete renovation,” said Medeiros.

Making changes to the kitchen is never cheap. It’s the most popular room in any house and, as such, prices can reflect those changes.

“Cosmetic renovations usually run around $15,000-$50,000 range, depending on what you do,” Medeiros said. “A pull and replace is typically $50,000-$90,000 range and a full custom renovation is typically in the $90,000-$150,000 range.  Kitchens tend to be the most expensive room in the home. It’s the heartbeat of the home and it’s where people spend the most time.” While the biggest return on a home comes with new windows, the second biggest is the kitchen in adding value to the home.

The current global health crisis has not prevented the Barnes team from working with their clients. They have adjusted their approach as needed to keep the ball rolling and keep projects on deadline.

“We’ve definitely tried to change our approach when giving estimates to clients,” said Medeiros. “We’ve had Facetime appointments and we’ve done Zoom conferences. We’ve still visited homes as well. We had a client recently who wanted to purchase a home and wanted to understand in advance what could and couldn’t be done, structurally to it, and have an idea of what the cost would be compared to their budget. There are some things that need to be seen and inspected in person.”

The educational goal at Barnes is to hold one seminar every couple of months to serve their audience, while touching on a variety of important topics. “If people missed the kitchen seminar this month, we could hold another one in six months and they can hop on board then.” Follow Barnes Custom Builders on Facebook to learn more about upcoming seminars and to see some of their most recent work.

Whether you’ve been picturing a project for years or you’re just starting to look for ideas and inspiration, Barnes can handle your needs, from initial design to completion. Give the Barnes Custom Builders team a call at 508-566-8911 today.


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