Get a room cheap in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

You can get a room cheap in Pittsburgh most of the year, special events will make it more chanllanging but still possible. Everything depends on location but paying double to be close to where you want to be is sometimes cheaper than paying for transportation back and forth from a cheaper hotel.

A very popular area that most people will visit is the North Shore neighborhood of Pittsburgh which is where the NFL Pittsburgh Steelers and the Pittsburgh Panthers of the university of Pittsburgh play at Heinz Field. In this immediate area there are only a hand full of hotels so of course they are going to be expensive during game week. Some other areas that are cheaper during game week offer cheap or free transportation so that is still an option.

Example of how to get a room cheap in Pittsburgh

The above example is a random Friday night in December near Heinz Field. of course this is not a game weekend, but you can see that if you are trying to get a room cheap in Pittsburgh and only search one site, you might pay 50 percent more. It is always smart to search Get a room cheap first.

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