Get a Room Cheap in Orlando

You might think of Orlando when You think of Disney but actually Disney is in Lake Buena Vista and Universal and SeaWorld are in Orlando but don’t worry, it is all the same to locals and even to Disney. When You get a room cheap in Orlando that room might really be in Doctor Phillips, Lake Buena Vista, Kissimmee or even Clermont and still be just minutes away from Disney. All of these cities are in close proximity to Disney, Seaworld, and Universal Orlando. The Orlando metro area is the most visited area in the World. in 2018 72 million people visited, which is more than 20 million more than any other area. The reason for this many visitors is not just to visit the theme parks, they also have a robust convention business. 

Other than theme parks, Orlando has much to offer. Orlando is home to the Orlando Magic, an NBA team and to two Major league Soccer teams, the Orlando Pride and Orlando Lions. There are three more professional teams one hour to the west in Tampa, Florida. There are many beaches to choose from to the east and the west in almost equal one hour driving times.

Many visitors make a beach and Space Museum day during their Orlando trip. Cape Canaveral and Coco Beach are side by side and offer relaxation and excitement.

If you fly into to Orlando, you might notice something that you do not if you are driving, the amount of Lakes is incredible. From the air Orlando looks like it has less land than water. That is just another unknown layer to Orlando. Hiking, camping, kayaking, canoeing, wake boarding and all other types of water sports are offered in Orlando.

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