Get a room cheap in New York City

Yes, you can get a room cheap in New York City despite what you have heard from the travel shows. It is actually possible to get a room cheap anywhere in the world if you are willing to compromise. New York City, just like Hong Kong is a city full of energy so the need to lounge around a hotel room is minimal. It is a city where you should use your hotel room for sleeping and bathing and nothing else.

New York City has five boroughs, which you could also call districts, they are: the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island. Most people who are going to sightsee would go to Manhattan, where most of the famous tourist attractions are. If you stay outside of Manhattan, you will save money on your hotel room but you will spend much more on transportation so study hard before making that decision.

Compromise is key to get a room cheap in New York City

You cannot get a room cheap in New York City if you cannot live without a view of Central Park or the Empire State Building. But maybe your definition of getting a room cheap is 300.00 instead of the same room for 450.00, then yes, you can get that room with the view you must have.

Example of how to get a room cheap in New York City

The above example of a search on Get a room cheap shows the Homewood Suites near Time square on a weekday in December. As you can see you CAN get a room cheap in New York City. But you can also see that there is a large discrepancy in the prices so it always pays to search before making your plans.

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