Get a room cheap in Las Vegas, sure, how about a 9.50 room?

Las Vegas is known for cheap rooms but can you still get a room cheap in Las Vegas? Cheap, yes, really cheap, no. There is some argument of what area started resort fees but most think it was in Las Vegas and I agree. A resort fee is of course a gimmick to gain extra profit to the hotel but more than that, the hotel also wants to cut the commission that they pay to booking sites, like this one. If a hotel is charging 50 dollars per night, they might give the booking site 4 dollars but if that same hotel is charging 10 dollars plus a resort fee of 40 dollars they will only give the booking site less than one dollar. Smart? or dishonest?

Here is an example of the sneaky behavior of a Las Vegas hotel offers. The offer is a room for 9.50 per night, like the old days in Las Vegas but look at what happens when you go to the checkout page.

As you can see, the 9.50 room rate has now turned into 52.72. I cannot complain about the taxes, those are City and State taxes that actually do some good for the community and make the hotel safe. The charge that I find to be totally unacceptable is the 37 dollar resort fee on a 9.50 room.

So can you still get a room cheap in Las Vegas?

Yes, you can get a room cheap in Las Vegas because lets face it, 52.72 or 66.38 as seen in the above examples per night is still a good price but it just leaves you feeling cheated. The problem with the resort fees is since everyone is doing it, everyone must do it. The resort fees started many years ago and all of the Caesar’s entertainment owned hotels decided not to charge the fee and even put up huge building wraps and taxis advertising about not charging resort fees, but then they changed their mind. After about 4 years of not charging resort fees, the Caesar’s group realized that they were not getting anymore share of the business by doing so and they were losing millions of dollars. When they started adding the resort fees, they did not lose any business and collected all that extra money that made a lot of people mad but not mad enough not to stay at their property.

Resort fees are here to stay in Las Vegas

When Covid 19 hit the Las Vegas market it was rumored that the hotels would drop the resort fees in an effort to bring people back to Las Vegas but that never happened and no hotel went in this direction. So we have to live with resort fees most likely forever.

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