Get a room cheap in Jacksonville, Florida

You can get a room cheap in Jacksonville, Florida but one thing you need to know is Jacksonville is the largest City in the world by land mass. the metro area has over 1.5 million people but is so large by land that you could easily start in Jacksonville for a drive and go one hour and still be in Jacksonville. So, if you pick the wrong hotel room, you might spend a fortune on transportation to get to your intended destination.

Example of how to get a room cheap in Jacksonville, Florida

In the above example you can see how easy it is to get a room cheap in Jacksonville. This search was for a weekday night in December. The location happens to be on beautiful Jacksonville Beach and you can see that the prices vary greatly so it is always a good idea to start your search here.

Jacksonville sports teams

Jacksonville Jaguars, an NFL team is based in Jacksonville and plays at TIAA Bank field. When the Jaguars play hotel rates go up but only within 20 miles of the stadium so that leaves many areas that are unaffected. Jacksonville has many other minor league and college sports but they typically do not affect the price of a hotel room.

Jacksonville landing is a must do

Jacksonville landing is of course on the Jacksonville river front and has dining and entertainment choices that will please most everyone. You will find water cruises from private yatchs to ferry boats and fishing charters. Or just take a mile or longer walk while soaking in the glistening water and the action of the boats. And when you need more wide open water, head to Jacksonville Beach and enjoy the breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean. You will see that even on Jacksonville Beach, you can get a room cheap.

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