Fuel the Fight supports cancer patients who travel to Minot

MINOT, N.D. – This year alone roughly 1.8 million people will be diagnosed with some form of cancer in the U.S. With the overwhelming expenses of care, Trinity CancerCare center has been helping relieve some of the finical burden for North Dakota cancer patients who must travel great distances to get treatment.

People from all over North Dakota come to the Trinity CancerCare Center in Minot for treatment. More than 43% of patients have to travel more than 50 miles to get treatment.

“We have people who are commuting up to 200 miles for their treatment. And if you are doing that every day for four weeks, six weeks, nine weeks, then the cost of transportation could potentially be a barrier,” said Trinity Health Foundation director Al Evon.

Two years ago, a group of college students from Trinity came up with a fundraiser event that could help relieve some of the financial burden of driving to the care center. Fuel the Fight was created and has grown every year.

“Cancer is just so pervasive, that anything we can do to help them as they are battling this disease, that’s what we want to do,” said Evon.

Fuel the Fight, in partnership with Dakota Square ARCO, has raised more than $60,000 in proceeds and has big hopes for the upcoming fundraiser.

“Last year we raised $30,000 in a day, with a blizzard. So, this year, I think it’s going to be 70 degrees and I am hoping for $50,000,” said Dakota Square ARCO Owner Lori Zabalney.

Every sale at the gas station, both fuel and in-store, go towards helping. There are also many prizes that can be won.

“That day, if you fill, you have a chance to register for gas for a year. Sponsored by First International. We’ll have a dunk tank from 11 to 4 outside.  A grill from first international. and some vendors handing out things. we want to get as many people out here as we can,” said Zabalney.

All the proceeds from Fuel the Fight will go towards pre-paid gas vouchers for cancer patients in need.

Patients can receive up to four fuel vouchers.

The fundraiser is Friday, Sept. 11 at Dakota Square ARCO. All fuel and in store purchases go towards the cause. There will also be prizes, raffles, lunch, and even a dunk tank featuring Minot Mayor Shaun Sipma.

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