Former Odessans home damaged in Nashville tornado

Former Odessans home damaged in Nashville tornado

NASHVILLE, TN. (KOSA) — A former Odessa news anchor who now lives near Nashville is looking for a new place to live after the tornado passed through his neighborhood about 1 a.m. Tuesday.

Brian Wilson, who graduated from Permian, says he heard the tornado warning and headed for the radio station where he works to begin coverage of the damage left behind.

He went back and saw the damage and then went to work.

Wilson says his home is unlivable and won’t be repaired for some time.
Wilson told CBS7: “Your first instinct is to go to the microphone. I left my house heading to the Radio Station in Nashville and I heard the train sound and felt like my neighborhood was likely damaged.”

Wilson spent the next 7 hours on the radio talking about the tornado, damage and deaths.

Tuesday afternoon, Wilson went back to his neighborhood to get belongings.

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