Experts reveal how you can use white vinegar to clean your bathroom

Experts reveal how you can use white vinegar to clean your bathroom

Cleaning has become more prominent with many more turning to clean their homes in a bid to keep it germ and bacteria free. Bathroom expert Bristan has revealed how to clean your bathroom with products you will already have in the home.

Cleaning a shower handset

Like any product that comes into constant contact with water, a shower handset can get clogged with limescale.

Bristan says that cleaning a blocked shower handset is an easy task though.

The best way to clean a handset is with white vinegar, a product which can be used for cleaning many items around the house.

1. Remove the shower head from the hose, be careful you don’t lose any parts when doing this
2. Dip the handset into a bucket or bowl of white vinegar
3. If you have a plastic handset, leave for one hour
4. If you have a brass showered, then don’t leave it in for any longer than 30 minutes
5. Once soaked, rinse with water and replace
6. Once back in place, turn the shower on to rinse out any residue before using

If you are living in a hard water area, then Bristan recommends de-scaling their taps and showers more often to help stop the build up.

White vinegar can also be used to clean multiple areas around the home.

Instead of spending money on expensive window cleaners, mixing white vinegar and water together and then dispensing it into a trigger spray bottle can work just as good.

Mixing one part vinegar and one part water can also be used to clean shower screens, tiles and toilets.

It is recommended to add essential oils in with the mix to help leave a fragrant smell.

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