COVID-19: Here’s How Long Average NY Single Would Travel To Go On Date During Pandemic

The average single person in New York would travel 2.1 hours to go on a date amid the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a survey conducted by, and half of the singles polled nationwide would avoid dating someone living in an area with a high rate of COVID infections.

In early March, reported that usage of its site had gone up by 82 percent.

Tinder reported that the average length of conversations between potential lovers on their platform had increased by 10 to 30 percent.

Dating app Inner Circle saw messages increase by 116 percent. polled 3,200 nationwide to get a feel for how the pandemic has changed dating habits, considering the national increase in dating app usage and how much COVID-19 has limited the ability to mingle in public and in groups.

Nationally, the average distance that a respondent was willing to travel was 2.3 hours.

Montana singles were willing to travel the furthest distance, 3.7 hours, while singles in Maine would only be willing to travel an hour and a half to a date.

Women were more wary of infection risk, according to the survey: 62 percent of women, compared to 20 percent of polled men, would require a would-be date to provide proof of a negative COVID test before meeting in person.

Nearly half of singles nationally, at 47 percent, would prefer to conduct the first date over Skype or Zoom before meeting in person.

In light of the pandemic, 62 percent of men would be willing to go to another person’s home for a first date.

Only 26 percent of women would be comfortable with this sort of arrangement.

A third of men polled nationally would be open to a long-distance relationship, compared to just a quarter of women.

Twenty percent of these men would carry an overnight bag with them on their first date, just in case. 

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