Coronavirus updates: SLO County adds 3 cases, shelter-at-home protest

Coronavirus updates: SLO County adds 3 cases, shelter-at-home protest

San Luis Obispo County has 169 cases as of Monday and one of the people who tested positive for COVID-19 on Friday was a skilled nursing facility employee, public health officials said.

As the county nears the six-week mark of the shelter-at-home order, some county residents say they have had enough. Others have began to ignore the order by crowding on local beaches.

San Luis Obispo County, however, has started to allow some sectors of business to reopen, including drive in theaters.

Here are your local updates for this Monday:

SLO County reassures residents that tap water is safe from COVID-19

The County of San Luis Obispo Department of Public Works reassured residents Monday that tap water is still safe and reliable to drink.

According to the California State Water Board, the water treatment and distribution methods used by the county removes and kills bacteria and viruses, including coronavirus, a news release said.

The county has a multi-step filtration and disinfection treatment process to destroy viruses.

SLO County adds 3 new coronavirus patients

Of the more than 2,500 San Luis Obispo County residents tested for coronavirus by public and private labs, 169 have tested positive, with three new cases Monday, according to

For the first time, the county has reported the number of tests conducted by private labs on with data going back to April 13, although private labs started testing before then.

Private labs have conducted 1,451 tests as of April 13, according to the county.

The County Public Health Lab has now tested a total of 1,141 residents, but only conducted eight tests from Sunday to Monday. Combined, private and public labs have conducted at least 2,592 tests.

SLO County residents protest shelter-at-home order

About 10 to 15 adults and children gathered Sunday in downtown San Luis Obispo to protest the shelter-at-home order that has been in place locally since mid-March to slow the spread of coronavirus.

Most protesters wore masks and stood six feet apart to maintain social distancing, while holding signs with messages such as “Stop the destruction of our rights and our economy” and “Create a clear plan to reopen economy.” Several people cheered and honked as they drove by.

Hot weather draws big crowds to Pismo Beach

Hot weather drew hundreds of people to Pismo Beach and elsewhere along the coast, despite the threat posed by the coronavirus pandemic.

In response, the county sent out a news release Sunday morning once again asking people to follow state and local guidelines about limiting group activities and unnecessary travel.

Seventh Santa Barbara County resident dies from coronavirus

As of Saturday, Santa Barbara County had 469 confirmed cases of coronavirus, and seven patients have died.

The patient who passed away Saturday was a South Coast resident in their 70s with underlying health conditions, officials said.

Classes have moved online, but not all students have internet access

While many San Luis Obispo County students have been attending classes online for more than a month, others are lacking critical connectivity that isn’t readily available in certain areas and that some parents can’t afford.

Tony Thurmond, the state’s superintendent of public instruction, estimated that nearly 200,000 students across the state do not have access to the internet based on an ongoing survey conducted by the California Department of Education.

Throughout San Luis Obispo County, especially in more rural areas, school districts have been trying to help bridge the gap between internet access.

SLO County receives 800 shelter-at-home violation reports

Over the past month, San Luis Obispo County’s code enforcement team received around 800 calls on its hotline for reporting non-compliance of the county’s shelter-at-home order, put in place March 23.

But neither the county, nor any of the seven San Luis Obispo County city jurisdictions responsible for enforcement, has issued a single citation.

SLO movie theater can open, so why hasn’t it?

County Public Health officials said drive-in movie theaters, fabric stores and cleaning and janitorial services will be allowed to open, and houses of worship can hold drive-in services.

Sunset Drive-In in San Luis Obispo said it’s exploring ways to safely allow moviegoers to park and watch films while preventing the spread of COVID-19, the illness caused by the new coronavirus.

Until then, the drive-in will remain closed.

Skilled nursing facility worker tests positive for COVID-19

An employee at Vineyard Hills Health Center in Templeton tested positive for coronavirus, the illness caused by the new coronavirus, the CEO of the company that owns the facility confirmed Friday.

It is the first local case of a skilled nursing facility employee contracting the virus.

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