Capitol – Your Illinois News Radar » *** UPDATED x1 *** House votes 81-27 to remove Rep. Bailey from the House floor

Capitol – Your Illinois News Radar » *** UPDATED x1 *** House votes 81-27 to remove Rep. Bailey from the House floor

* From the House floor today

Rep. Chris Welch: I still see that there are some folks on the floor that do not have their masks on. I’d like to ask that those who are not in compliance with this rule that was passed in a bipartisan way that they’d come into compliance with the rules of the House.

Rep. Jay Hoffman in the Speaker’s chair: So we’ll take a moment for compliance, please everyone.

Rep. Welch: Mr Speaker, I see that one member is not in compliance with the rules of the House. And I’d like to ask Representative Bailey if he would come into compliance with the rules that have been passed in a bipartisan matter here this afternoon.

Rep. Hoffman: Representative Bailey, will you comply with the House rules?

Rep. Darren Bailey: I will not. Thank you, Mr. Speaker.

Rep. Welch: Representative Bailey has noted for the record, that he does not intend to come into compliance with the House rules. This is not something that I want to do that I must to enforce the rules of the House. So at this time I’m making a motion to remove Representative Bailey from the House floor until such time that he is willing to come into compliance with the House rules.

Rep. Hoffman: Representative Welch has made a motion to remove Representative Bailey from the House floor for non compliance with the House rules. Is there any discussion?

Rep. Dan Caulkins: You know, I’ve lived 73 years, I’ve been through a lot of things. And this is probably one of the most, and then let me just, let me put it this way, every person in this room is free of COVID-19. We’ve all taken a test. There wasn’t any person in here that’s the fact that this is the safest building, a public space in the state of Illinois. We are social distancing, we’re maintaining our space. And if someone chooses to exercise their right. I don’t think that we should take punitive action against them. I think this is a mistake. I would ask you to withdraw your motion. I think this sets sets us up for the environment. None of us are threatened. None of our families here here. I have no fear of any of you. And I don’t think any of you should have any fear of me. So I would request that you please withdraw your motion. Thank you.

Rep. Mark Batinick: I’m as frustrated as everybody that we’re wearing masks right now. I know everybody wants to see my cheery smile. But frankly if it made everybody feel comfortable that I had to, you know, tap my head 10 times above my belly at the same time to make everybody feel comfortable about going about their business, I would do it because I’m about, you know, this is for some, this is symbolic. And I understand the symbolism of it. But I think there’s more important things that we are doing with their time right now so I just urge all of our members to comply for the rest of the week, and and get on with people’s business. Thank you.

Rep. Mike Zalewski: If you’re not going to do it for your own personal volition, please do it for the staff that work incredibly hard to stand up, a temporary House chamber for three straight days, of important workers, the first responders here. We have staff here that are [garbled] the building. We have our staff here. And none of us can guarantee we’re COVID negative over the course of the next three days. And none of us can guarantee that we’re going to be safe when really added to. So if you’re not going to do it for yourself if you’re not going to do it for your colleagues, respectfully, as a matter of course, please do it for your staff, and those that are very hard to give up the people’s business. I support the gentleman’s motion.

Rep. Dan Brady: Mr. Speaker, ladies and gentlemen, the House. Just a point to make to the earlier comment. So one of my colleagues said this may be the safest building that there is because of all the safety precautions we’re taking. I think the purpose of the House rules change is to ensure that keep this building that way. I think the people that sent us here to represent them today and all this turmoil that’s going on … whatever district you represent. But those people intended for us to focus our time. … Ladies and gentlemen of the House, we hear it all the time, we’re all in this together. So let’s be together. Let’s show the people there in the light. We’re here to get things moving and open across the state.

This is a rush transcript, so please pardon all transcription errors.

* The roll call on Rep. Welch’s motion…

* Escorted from the House…

…Adding… The rule was adopted earlier today 97-12. So some folks flip-flopped when it came to actually enforcing it.

…Adding… From the pool report…

Prior to session reconvening after caucus on Wednesday, House Republican Leader Jim Durkin, who was wearing a mask spoke for several minutes with unmasked Rep. Darren Bailey.

When the House returned to session, Durkin urged all members to comply with the new rules.

“We cannot ignore nor compromise the health and safety of every member of the General Assembly, their family members, every one of our staffers who works tirelessly for us,” Durkin said.

*** UPDATE *** This guy…

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