Can you get a room cheap in Hong Kong?

Yes, you actually can get a room cheap in Hong Kong as long as you do not mind a tiny hotel room. Hong Kong now has the title of the most expensive property in the world, yes, more than Tokyo or Paris. The fact that Hong Kong property value is so high makes it very difficult to get a room cheap unless you are willing to rough it.

There are three major areas that you will need to choose from in Hong Kong, Kowloon, New Territories or Hong Kong Island. Kowloon is where you will find the largest tourist area, Tsim Sha Tsui, this is the area most tourists will choose to stay. Hong Kong Island is where most business travelers will stay if they are in the financial field. New Territories is mostly residential and very few hotels can be found there.

Surprisingly the area where you can get a room cheap is actually in the most expensive area, Tsim Sha Tsui. When searching for your hotel be sure to sort in order of cheapest to most expensive, the first few might be hostels where you would share a room with strangers. Most of us do not like that option so keep searching a little further. You will find some very cheap rooms that are very small but they are private and have their own bath. The people that normally book these rooms are young and traveling very light, maybe a backpack and a small bag, it is important to mention that because the rooms are so small, you might have trouble fitting large luggage in them. You may have to use the bed to store your luggage until you are ready to sleep and many of these rooms do not have windows so if that scares you it might be best to keep looking. Most of these rooms are less than 30 U.S. dollars per night and if You are like me, when traveling to such an exciting place, you will only be in the room to sleep. The video below will show you the smallest private room with a bath in Hong Kong. You can still get a room cheap without going this extreme but this is one that you will pay the least for. Some nights a room like this can be as low as 20 U.S. dollars. Giving you much more money to see the sights.

Most people that choose to get a room cheap in Hong Kong by getting one of these very small rooms will spend very little time in the room. Hong Kongers, unless exceptionally rich spend very little time in their homes, usually for the same reason, they are very small. The whole country is full of energy, like nothing you have ever seen and people would rather be out in the action than cramped up in their tiny apartment. So if you decide on a tiny room, the goal would be to be ready to sleep the minute you return to your room.

To browse these tiny hotel rooms, click here. on the side of the results, you can narrow your search to only the Tsim Sha Tsui district and then search from lowest to highest price. A very good choice in this category is Hotel Hart, it has a TV in the room and even a window, which is not common for the tiny hotel rooms, this room is commonly found for around 30 u.s. dollars

Hotel Hart example of room size

One thing that Hong Kong has that makes it so different from New York City is transportation is very cheap. If you want a bigger room and think you will spend a lot of time relaxing there, you can get a little further away from the hot spots to do that. The reason being is Hong Kong has one of the most efficient and inexpensive transportation systems in the world, known as the MTR (mass transit railroad). The MTR is safe, clean, fast, and cheap. If you want to get a room cheap in Hong Kong and that room is far away from the tourist area, no problem as long as it has an MTR station within walking distance. Once you are near an MTR station you are basically near everything. In addition to the MTR being so inexpensive, even taxis are much cheaper than what you will pay in America and Europe. Fuel prices are high in Hong Kong but the fact that a taxi is rarely without a passenger the taxi prices are very low.

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