Bikes, treadmills, ellipticals top our list

Bikes, treadmills, ellipticals top our list

If the treadmill isn’t for you, or is just too high impact, an elliptical machine is the natural next step for you cardio needs. 
In most circles of gym rats, ellipticals aren’t as well-respected as other cardio-based workout machines — we presume that’s because not everyone fully understands the benefits of using one over a bike or treadmill.
In short, you can pretty much get the same kind of cardio workout from a treadmill or other cardio machine, but while you’re in your body’s natural position. You’re not hunched over like you would be on a bike, or pounding on your joints like you would on a run (which, over time, is vital to joint health). For many, it’s the safer, more comfortable option without making any sacrifices to the quality of your exercise. 
The Sole Fitness E95 elliptical machine is our favorite for a few reasons. Like most cardio machines, the E95 has a built-in navigation screen so you can choose workouts, change incline levels, up the intensity, and more. This elliptical also includes an integrated tablet holder, in case you want to stream some Netflix while you work up a sweat.
As for options, the machine allows for 20 different resistance levels and adjustable foot pedals for enhanced comfort, allowing for almost anyone to find their sweet spot. Throw in a pair of Bluetooth speakers, a USB charging port, and whisper-quiet usage, and you’ve got a great elliptical machine. 
The Sole Fitness E95 is a favorite amongst gymgoers, and taking one home is a no-brainer if the elliptical is your cardio machine of choice. For more guidance on shopping for an elliptical, go here.

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