Augustine Casino changes coronavirus mask requirements – Daily News

Augustine Casino near Coachella is the latest casino in the region to update its mask policy, saying that neck gaiters, bandanas and masks with vents, valves or other openings will no longer be permitted.

As of Sept. 7, guests will only be permitted to enter with surgical or cloth masks without vents, valves or openings, casino officials said.

For those who do not have an acceptable kind of face covering, Augustine will provide a disposable mask at the entrance, said Director of Marketing Lindsay Grant.

Grant said the reason for the change was based on new coronavirus information from health officials.

“We’re continually monitoring updates to the CDC guidelines and we make adjustments to our policy as needed,” she said.

Though all tribal casinos in the region that have reopened from their coronavirus closures require some sort of face covering, several have tightened their mask policies, further clarifying what constitutes an acceptable face covering.

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