7 examples of high-end audio engineering to savour

7 examples of high-end audio engineering to savour

The technology used in most hi-fi is pretty mature. After decades of development, most of the industry has settled into a tight template when it comes to design. And there isn’t really an issue in that, because the circuits and engineering ideas that have become convention are proven and work well. 

But if a company steps out of this comfort zone, it can accomplish something special. Below are seven spectacular products that do just that.

1. Bower & Wilkins Nautilus – Reducing cabinet coloration

(Image credit: Bowers & Wilkins)

B&W’s Nautilus is now considered something of a design icon. It has won numerous Awards for the way it looks, but that distinctive appearance isn’t just down to the whim of an artistic designer. It’s the result of the company trying to find a way to reduce the sonic contribution of a speaker cabinet.

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