15% summer travel decline | WWL

COVID-19 is impacting summer travel.

The AAA travel forecast shows Americans will take 700-million trips, down nearly 15% compared to last July through September. AAA spokesperson Don Redman most people will drive to their destinations, while other transportation methods will see a sharp decline.

“We’re expecting a difference of almost 77% fewer people flying this summer than the previous year,” said Redman.

Most cruise lines ahve suspended all deparatures until at least August 1st.

Redman says in our region, 98-percent of travelers are planning to get to their destination by car.

“A lot of AAA members in Louisiana are eyeing Tennesse and Arkansas some of their favorite destinations, looking at state parks,” said Redman.

While summer gas prices haven’t been this low since 2016, Redman says it is not enough to spur travel.

“It’s not the only economy, but it’s also health concerns that keeping people off the roads,” said Redman.

The last time the AAA travel forecast showed a dip in over the year travel was 2009, following the 2008 recession.

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