Victorian Inn, Sparks, NV, as seen on Hotel Impossible!

Victorian Inn Room Rates
This hotel is located in the middle of the action in Sparks, NV. The problem with it was the owner was deep in debt and was desperate enough to start renting to People by the week and month and year. When that happens the property goes straight in the toilet. Everyone has these type of hotels in their home town, once very nice but once the permanent residents take over, the quality is gone. Fights, Drinking, loud music, chairs out on the balcony, all the usual stuff.
By the time Hotel Impossible finished, the owner had a relationship with the hotels around Her and got rid of Her weekly and monthly renters. The rooms got a makeover as well as the lobby. The hotel is now being run by the Mother and two daughters.

Victorian Inn, Sparks,NV,United States

Victorian Inn, Sparks,NV,United States

Hotel property Victorian Inn, 1555 Victorian Avenue in Sparks, NV, United States



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