Top Spring Break Destinations for Spring 2014

Cancun, Mexico.
Get Rates for Cancun Cancun is once again the number one spot for Spring breakers, all the resorts are completely full of young party minded guys and girls. Do not choose Cancun for a family vacation during spring break.

Panama City Beach, Florida.
Get Rates for Panama City Beach Panama City Beach took over Daytona Beach as the number one spot in Florida for Spring Break. You can take a family vacation here and avoid the college drunks, just by staying away from the cheapest hotels. All the cheapest hotels will be bought up by college kids that will pack 8 to a room and drink non stop all hours of the day.

Pensacola Beach, Florida
Get Rates for Pensacola Beach Pensacola Beach is much less commercialized than is Panama City Beach. Great food on the beach as well as great nightlife. The parties here will be much more tame and most will be confined to the nightclubs on the Boardwalk.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.
Get Rates for Punta Cana Punta Cana is a fairly new player in the spring break market. Many Colleges that decide to go here do so in a group, so it might be that only two colleges are there at once. A family vacation here would be okay at the same time, not a lot of drunks.

Puerto Vallarta
Get rates for Puerto Vallarta Puerto Vallarta is wide open for Everyone. Spring Breakers are not very wild here and if they are it isn’t really noticed.

Acapulco, Mexico.
Get rates for Acapulco Acapulco is similar to Puerto in the fact You can go here even when a large group of drunks go without having much of a problem.

Las Vegas, NV
Get Rates for Las Vegas Not a big Spring Breach destination but is getting more popular because drinking 24/7 is not only allowed it is encouraged. Staying here at the same time as Spring break is fine, 155,000 rooms can handle lots of Spring breakers. If You decide to go to Vegas, buy attractions and show tickets in advance at

Freeport, Bahamas.
Get Rates for Freeport Freeport, Bahamas has been getting large groups of spring breakers lately but this Island is very spread out so going here during spring break is fine.

South Padre Island, TX.
Get Rates for South Padre Island South Padre Island is gaining more and more spring breakers Every year. Lots of planned events and plenty of drunks. Maybe not a family spring break place.

Negril, Jamaica
Get Rates for Negril You will see college spring breakers here but not wild ones. Go here and relax, some parties but nothing wild.

Daytona Beach, FL.
Get Rates for Daytona Beach Daytona Beach is the original Spring Break destination but the local government wanted the City back and now it is lame.

Nassau, Bahamas.
Get Rates for Nassau The most beautiful but the most expensive in this list. Have a big budget, go for it!

Miami, Florida.
Get Rates for Miami Beach Miami or South Beach should always be mentioned but it has also gotten expensive during spring break. Clubs here are so expensive that many College spring breakers stay away.



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