The Alaskan Hotel & Bar, Juneau, Alaska, as seen on Hotel Impossible

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This Hotel Impossible episode featured The Alaskan, a 100 year old hotel in Juneau at foot of many mountains. The views were incredible and the hotel was very historic but not well kept up. The decor was hodge podge, some really good historic features but some 70’s and 80’s mixed in with it. Blanch remodeled 8 rooms and brought them back to the 1915’s era, they turned out very nice. The Hotel is probably making more money in the bar than it is renting rooms. Especially now that this episode forced the owners to fire the bar manager that was stealing form them. He wasn’t fired for that because they didn’t have the proof but it was obvious just watching the way He ran the bar that He had been stealing from the owners for years. He was given way too much control and way too much trust. There are very few People in the world that would not steal with the set up this guy had. It is managements job to put practices in place to prevent thief but it is the nature of a bar employee to over pour to get big tips and even steal out of the cash register.



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