Sevilla Inn, Orlando, Fl (Kissimmee), as seen on Hotel Impossible!

Sevilla Inn Room Rates
4640 West Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway (U.S. 192), Kissimmee.
Kissimmee is part of Metro Orlando and is just minutes from Disney World. Hwy 192 used to be the place where families would stay on their Disney vacation. That was before Disney added 26 of their own hotels including a group of value priced properties. This put way too many rooms on the market and drove the price of a room down so low that Hotels started going out of business. The hotels on 192 were not paying the bank notes and were renting to anyone for any amount time nights. This brought in drugs, drinking and loud music and scared all the families away.
Hotel Impossible came to help the Sevilla Inn and found bed bugs, hundreds of them. After fixing the rooms, pool and lobby the show also set up a management structure which helped the family get organized. The hotel is now bed bug free and selling rooms by the night only.
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