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Scotland is unlike You might expect it to be. Very spread out and very hard to get from point A to point B. It is very interesting and well worth the effort but it is not for Everyone. If You are not interested in learning the history of Scotland and exploring the ways of the residents, then You might be better off trying another part of the United Kingdom, such as, London, England. The one thing that Scotland has in common with other parts of the United Kingdom is the weather. The weather is very strange to American’s. In Scotland, You can experience four seasons in one day, so be prepared with short sleeves, a jacket, long sleeves and an umbrella and there is no telling what order You will use each of them. If You like adventure and truly like to be spontaneous, You will love this country. The People of Scotland are very laid back and nice, but maybe do not argue with them about their country while having a warm beer in a Scottish Pub.

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