QT Hotel Gold Coast, Australia, The Justin Bieber Graffiti Hotel

justin bieber stayed at this hotel in austrailia qt hotelCan You get a room cheap at the QT Hotel? Sorry, No!
QT Hotel Gold Coast in Australia is a five star hotel so You would expect that Justin Bieber would stay here when He had a recent concert nearby. What You might not expect Justin Bieber to do is trash the place by spraying Graffiti on the walls of the tennis court, but He did. The manager of the hotel had no problem with it, probably because it would draw attention to His hotel. However, the mayor the Gold Coast told Justin Bieber to clean up his mess.
Check out the hotel for Yourself, Here. If You stay here, You will likely not get to see the Graffiti in Person, the mayor of the Gold Coast ordered the hotel to either get Justin to clean it up or do so by someone, immediately. Seems the Gold Coast has rules that normal People must follow. The mayor sent Justin a Tweet telling him to clean it up but Justin was already in Sydney for his next concert. A guest of the hotel had this to say, “I used to do stupid stuff like that when I was 13 but not to private property” When asked should Justin be arrested the wealthy man said, No, I suppose not, but He should be fined heavily and the money be given to the poor.



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