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Map of Nassau, Bahamas

Map of Nassau, Bahamas

Is Paradise Island, Bahamas the Prettiest Place on Earth? If it isn’t, You would be hard pressed to convince those that will only take Their vacation here. The Water is crystal clear and anytime You want to see colorful fish, just put on a mask and jump in the ocean. You will never go in the water without seeing beautiful sea life.
Of Course, Atlantis, is what most People think of when thinking of Paradise Island but be sure to browse through and read the features of all the Hotels before deciding. Comfort Suites Paradise Island is directly across the street from Atlantis and when staying at the Comfort Suites, You are given all the privileges of Atlantis. The Comfort is about half the price so it is worth considering. You can also find many all-inclusive Resorts but be sure You are willing to commit to that one Resort during Your whole trip, otherwise Your value will be diminished.



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