New York City Hotels and Resorts, Compare Rates!

Compare New York City Hotels from 100’s of Hotel Sites. Make sure the offers are the same, sometimes the cheapest price isn’t the best deal, the second or third best price might be a better room for only a few more dollars.
When visiting New York City, its a very good idea to stay close to where You will spend most of Your time. You do not want to spend Your visit in a taxi and You definitely do not want to rent a car. New York City Hotels vary about as much as any City in the World so read carefully about the Hotel before choosing it. If there was ever a good City to make sure You choose a Hotel that has a good cancellation policy, New York City is it. Transportation is very easy in New York City if You plan properly. The Subway is the best method to use if Your destination is in walking distance to one of the stations. It is still smarter to use the subway to get across town, even if You have to take a taxi from one of the stations to Your ultimate destination. Never take a taxi during rush hour, it will cost You a fortune and the stress might ruin Your trip.



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