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The most famous street in the world for partying has to be Bourbon Street in New Orleans, there are a lot more parts of New Orleans that makes this probably the worlds best party town but it all starts on Bourbon Street. The only City in the United States that can compare with the constant partying is Las Vegas. How You know You are in a good party town is if No One looks at You twice when You are drinking a beer on the street at 6am, not knowing if You are finishing Your night or having one for breakfast, No One cares.

Choose a Hotel in one of these districts and have a quiet old New Orleans style visit.


If You plan to spend a lot of time at one of these attractions, You should pick Your Hotel there. Each attraction is far from each other.

Business Areas
If You are traveling to New Orleans on Business, this area is likely going to be best for Your Hotel Choice.

Convention Centres

Visiting a School or Visiting Your Kid at Their school? Be sure to shop for Your hotel here.

If You are going to spend a lot of time at one of these Landmarks, why not reduce Your driving and stay in walking distance?



Popular Areas
Be careful what You wish for. Shop in the Bourbon Street area and You likely will have partying all around You until the early hours of the morning.

Shopping Areas
New Orleans has great shopping and these shopping locations are in the heart of the action, near the French Quarter.

Going to a game? You should shop for Your hotel near the stadium You will be visiting to save taxi fare and time.


Train Stations



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