How to make sure You get the best “Deal” on Your Hotel Room

We search the internet comparing over 100 top sites like the biggest in the world including:

  • What do You need to do other than just see that one of these or countless others have the best PRICE?
    The best hotel price is not the best Hotel Deal, all the time. Yes, look at the price as the first criteria for sure. But next, what is the cancellation policy for that offer? Not every site will have the same policy for every hotel so do not assume that because showed a no cancellation policy on one hotel that They will do the same for another. Read each offer from the top three prices and see if other factors might make the second or third best price the actual best Hotel deal.
    The other factors might be the cancellation policy, the actual room location (pool vs courtyard, etc..) or maybe a free bottle of wine included. If You see that one site has the best price but when You study it the first thing You see is prepaid, no refund for cancellations! Never book this room unless You are arriving maybe the next day.
    Who hasn’t booked a room a week in advance only to have to make a change or plans? Most Everyone and when a site says no refund, They mean it so be very careful. I would suggest paying a dollar or two more per night for that rate that allows changes.

    We are saving You a lot of time giving You the price results very quickly but please take a few minutes to make sure the offers We show for the best price are actually the best hotel deal.

    We are making the major hotel sites fight for Your booking, make sure We keep them on an even playing field.

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