Hotel Iguanazul, Playa Negra, Costa Rica, as seen on Hotel Impossible!

Hotel Iguanazul Room Rates
Hotel Iguanazul is located at Playa Junquillal, Playa Negra, Costa Rica.
When Anthony and the Hotel Impossible crew showed up here, they wondered why they were there, but it didn’t take long to find out. The garbage that was piled up right in the guest view was incredible. Incredible that the owner did not care enough to move it. Then there were the termites, not 1000’s of termites but millions and the owner knew it but did nothing. The owner was a drinker and did so on a daily basis and Anyone that drinks on a daily basis usually puts important things off for another day.
The view from the pool deck of the Hotel Iguanazul would be hard to beat from anywhere in the world. This asset is worth as much as the hotel itself. It took Hotel Impossible to make the owner realize it and get motivated. Now the hotel is somewhere I would love to stay.



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