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The three most visited areas in Hong Kong are
Hong Kong Island This is the original development in Hong kong, even though it is the oldest, the part of Hong Kong Island closest to the Water has many Hotels.
Kowloon. This is the most popular for tourist and has the most choices in Hotels, it is just a ferry ride away from Hong kong Island.
New Territories. The new Territories or N.T. is mostly for new residential but as Hong kong grows more and more commercial and tourism is going this way, the number of hotels is growing rapidly.
If You are going to Hong Kong for fun, You must visit The Tsim Sha Tsui District. Tsim Sha Tsui is the number one tourist area in all of Hong Kong. But don’t worry, You will not feel like You are missing the real Hong Kong People, many live in this area. Tsim Sha Tsui is the best place to visit because it has the best Hotels and borders the Hong Kong Harbour. Night walks around the Harbour are nothing short of beautiful. You will be able to catch the underground train, named MTR from most every street corner and no visit would be complete without experiencing it. The MTR was opened in 1979 and is still a modern marvel. The Mass Transit Railway is kept spotlessly clean, never will You find trash on the floor or in the terminal. The fines for littering are hefty and it is natural for the Hong Kong People to respect public transportation.

Typical Street Corner in Hong kong

Kowloon, Hong kong, Street Corner

Hong Kong is now part of China but since this happened in 1998, nothing much has changed. Hong Kong is China’s Golden Child so don’t worry, They will never mess with it. Even though the ultimate rulings over Hong Kong will come from China, You will never know it. You do not need a Visa to Visit Hong Kong but You will need one if You plan to visit mainland China. You can get a Visa for Your China Visit at many locations in Kowloon and on Hong Kong Island.

Kai tak Airport, Hong kong

Old Kowloon, Hong Kong Airport, Kai Tak Airport

If You visited Hong Kong prior to 1999, You might remember the Kai Tak Airport. This Airport is now a day and night market. That is a much better use for land in this very busy region. When the Airport was built there were not so many skyscrapers around, but as the years went by there were 100’s. The planes kept changing landing patterns to avoid the buildings but as there more and more buildings the planes just had to dodge them.

Hong Kong Harbor, Ferry Boats

Hong Kong Harbor, Ferry Boats

You can take a ferry boat across the harbour for about 2 HK dollars or in u.s. dollars, 26 cents. Even though Hong Kong pays much more than Americans for Fuel, all transportation is much cheaper because of the volume. When You leave a taxi cab, Someone is getting in it immediately. The Ferry Boats transport an average of 300 People per trip across the Harbour.

Convention Center, Hong kong

One of the largest Convention Center in the World, Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Convention Center is one of the Busiest in the World. The Massive structure was built in the water from re-claimed Government land. The Hotels that had a water front view, no longer do, but that is the decision of the government and the Private businesses have to live with it.

Hong Kong People are the most wonderful in the World, You will enjoy the People as much as the shopping, eating and sight seeing.

Night Picture of Hong Kong Harbor

Night Picture of Hong Kong Harbor

Hong Kong on Hong Kong Island, tunnel

Hong Kong on Hong Kong Island, tunnel

Hong Kong Skyscrappers

Lippo Building, Hong Kong Skyscrappers

Night Picture of Hong Kong Harbor

Night Picture of Hong Kong Harbor



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